How to use the iConstruct Append Data Tool in Navisworks

When we select items in Navisworks sometimes those items do not have all the properties that you would hope for, and if you are trying to select or search for similar items it would be handy to be able to add extra data to the selected item or items, we can then use that added data to perform searches.

iConstruct comes with a number of standard tools and one of those is Append Data. This simple tool allows us to add our own custom Data to the properties of any item or items within the Navisworks file set.

If we select an item in Autodesk Navisworks it may have limited properties like the image below.

Navisworks Item With Limited Properties

Using the Append Data tool from the iConstruct standard tools, will help us achieve this.

Append Data Tool

For example, I will add the following data to the selected item.

Add Data to Selected Item

Attribute Name = iConstruct
Property Name = Item Name
Property Value = Supply Air

When I click ok it will add the data to the item or items selected; the tool will even create a new data tab in the properties window.

Properties Applied Window

You can see the data has been added to the item and on a new tab in the properties window.

Data Added to Item in Properties Window

We then just keep adding data as we need. If we changed the Attribute Name it would create another new data tab.

Add Data as Needed

The append tool also has an advanced options drop down where we can save our settings out as a template.

Append Tool Advanced Options

Take advantage of the suite of power tools that iConstruct delivers, if you have Navisworks this is a must have extension. If you would like more information contact Graitec today by clicking the button below. 

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