How to use the iConstruct Select Similar Tool in Navisworks

When we are selecting items in Navisworks sometimes it can be difficult although not impossible to select exactly what we want, so a customisable tool would be very handy to help with our selection.

iConstruct comes with a number of standard tools and options to configure other tools, once its installed it will be located on the Tool Add-Ins tab. By expanding the General Configuration tab we can select one of the configuration tools. We scroll down the list until we find the tool we want to configure.

iConstruct General Configuration Tab

We are going to look for the Create Similar Configuration tool.

iConstruct Select Similar Configuration

We then get a configuration window where we can set up how the tool will work.

iConstruct Configuration Window

The most important thing we need to do before we set anything is to allow the configuration tool access to all the properties available in our file set, this is done by selecting the whole file set and then GET NW PROPS. (This can be done in the background using the Select All tool on the Home Tab).

iConstruct GET NW PROPS

Once the properties are loaded, we specify a Template Name e.g. Select Similar and then from the dropdown we can configure the tool to select similar items by an attribute and then a property.

iConstruct Attribute and Property

We then save the Select Similar Template. We can also save as a Search Set (see my previous blog on Search Sets in Navisworks).

iConstruct Save Select Similar Template

We could add additional Attributes and Properties to fine tune what the tool is looking for e.g. you might want Revit Type: Name and then System Type: System Classification

Once we have saved the configured tool it will appear above the standard tools.

iConstruct Configured Tool

We can now use this tool again and again on different file sets.

iConstruct Select Similar Tool

You can find out more about iConstruct and the tools available by visiting our web page. Alternatively, contact Graitec today by clicking the button below.

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