How To Use The Revit Linework Tool

There are several tools available in Revit to manipulate, modify, and manage the way elements display in the drawing area. The Linework tool is one useful tool that does not create new model or detail lines in the view. Instead, it overrides the current line style of the selected line and applies a different line style.

You can use the Linework tool to change the line style of projection edges for model elements, including silhouette edges, projection edges caused by plan regions and cut edges for model elements.

To override the line style for a selected line in the active view only

Open the view in which you want to change line styles.

Click on the Modify tab > View panel > Linework (LW) 

Click Modify | Linework tab > Line Style panel, and select the line style you would like to apply to the edge from the Line Style drop-down.

revit linework tool

In the drawing area, highlight the edge with the line style you want to change. For elements with multiple edges, press Tab and you can highlight either individual edges or the whole element.

Click the highlighted edges to apply the selected line style.

Continue applying the selected line style to edges in the view, or select a new style in the Line Style drop-down.

To exit the Linework tool, press Esc.

Note: You cannot use the Linework tool to modify the line style of a dimension line or any other annotation line.

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