How To Work With Drawings At Different Scales In AutoCAD

In this AutoCAD video lesson, we will look at how to solve the problem when copying objects from one drawing to another where they don’t appear to be there because in fact they are way too big or small. This lesson is a follow up to my previous video ‘How to Accurately Select and Place AutoCAD Geometry from One Drawing to Another’.

autocad different scales 1Why is it that copying and pasting from another drawing goes wrong in this way, and that items are just not the correct size? It’s all a question of scale, as not all industries make use of the same drawing units. These days in the UK, many design offices draw in millimetres, including architects who traditionally drew in meters because they work with relatively larger items and this made entering dimensions quicker, e.g. 35750mm vs 35.75m or 40000 vs 40.

There are regional differences as well. As well all know America use feet and inches and many European countries work in centimetres, so this means 1 AutoCAD drawing unit could equal, 1mm, 1 cm, 1 meter or 1 inch and this is why when we copy and paste geometry from one drawing to another they can appear at a different size.

In this AutoCAD video we will learn how to check the units of a drawing, so we understand how a drawing has been drawn and then how to scale that drawing to match our preferred drawing units. There will also be some ‘best practices’ for dealing with drawings from outside sources.

Using this AutoCAD content explorer, we can copy preferred text & dimensions style from older drawings, saving us the time of having to recreate those styles.

You can watch the video now by clicking below:

In my next follow on AutoCAD video lesson we will discover how we can work with drawings in their original units even if it has been drawn in different units to our preferred units. This will be a quick one, but will hopefully be very useful.

If you are looking to enhance your CAD capabilities, you should take a look at our certified AutoCAD training. If you have any other questions, please send us a message:

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