How To Work With Ordnance Survey 1km Tiles For AutoCAD Map 3D

I get asked this a lot… “How do I identify which OS Tile my site is on?”, which can affect users of AutoCAD Map 3D, which is now a part of AutoCAD 2019 subscriptions. This often happens when people download the LIDAR land data from the website and they get a folder full of tiles.

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Say that the tile you pick is a 100km tile. In the early days you get a folder with 100 1km tiles in it. Now they have split it into 4 downloads (NW, SW, NE & NW), but that is still up to 25 files per download. So, which one is your site on?

The OS Tile locator is good, but doesn’t quite hit the mark. This site will give you a 10km PDF reference file, and you have a 1km file.

About 5 years ago I came across this problem and decided to resolve it. As with all problems, your first port of call is to ask yourself the question “has anyone else resolved this?”, because that might just save you (and me) a bucket load of time.

map 3d ordnance survey 2

Thankfully, after not much looking I found that someone had made a spatial file of every OS tile. So a big “UP” to Charles Roper who posted the files to Github - Charles, we all salute you and thank you for the countless hours you have saved the nation!

Now that I have the data, all I have to do is drop them into a DWG and style them to show the boundary and name of each tile. So, whenever I ask myself “which OS tile is my site on?” I just open my OSGrid.dwg file and navigate to my site, and as I zoom in, hey presto, the tile name appears.

Additionally, you can add a gazetteer to AutoCAD Map 3D (or Civil 3D) and search to find a postcode or town. Just download the OS Open Name data and use the Filter option in the data panel.

If you want any information on how I created the OS tiles and Gazetteer drawing file, just get in touch. If you have any other enquiries, then please send us a message now:

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