iConstruct ‘add in’ Tool for Navisworks

As with some Autodesk software, Navisworks allows us to ‘add in’ additional tools, these can be 3rd party created tools or tools created by Autodesk. One ‘add in’ for Navisworks that I am going to focus on is created by iConstruct. See iconstruct.com where you can download a complete version of iConstruct for 2016 and 2017 or you could request a free trail.

The iConstruct ‘add in’ contains many useful tools to assist you whilst using Navisworks, I will write about these tools in more detail over the coming weeks/months in a series of Blogs.

Firstly, we need to have iConstruct downloaded and installed on our PC/Laptop.

Note: we need the correct version of iConstruct to match the version of Navisworks. For example, if I am using Navisworks 2016 in need iConstruct for Navisworks 2016 also.

iConstruct comes with a number of standard tools and also options to configure some tools, once it is installed it will be located on the Tool Add-Ins tab. When the tool is activated you can dock the window like any other window in Navisworks.

iConstruct Standard Tools and General Configuration

Amongst the standard tools are a Clash Manager, Clash Report Tool and a properties tool. The configurable tools include several export tools such as IFC and DWG.

When we have configured a tool it will appear above the standard tools, (I will focus on configuring the tools in other blogs so watch out for them).

iConstruct Configurable Tools

The main advantages of configuring our own tool are, it will work how we want and we can reuse it again and again on our current file set and then if needed other Navisworks file sets.

We can customise many tools for iConstruct and so each person in the office doesn’t have to keep on configuring their own tools, we are able to create a profile save it, and load it onto another PC/Laptop running Navisworks and iConstruct. We can also create several profiles and load them in when we need to, we can even merge profiles or clear off profiles totally back to out of the box settings.

iConstruct Create a Profile

To find out more about iConstruct and the features available just click on the link or click the button below to request more information.

Request More Information

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