Improving Building Performance Using Revit And Insight 360

Why use Revit and Insight 360?

improve building performance whitepaper revit insight 360This is the third in a series of blogs that explore Autodesk’s Energy Analysis Solutions. You can read the first part here: "Use Autodesk’s Cloud Rendering Service to Understand the Quality of Daylight Within a Space" and part two: "Quantitative Lighting Analysis with Autodesk Insight 360 - Daylighting Analysis for Revit Plugin."

Sustainable design attempts to reduce negative impacts on the environment and the health and comfort of the buildings occupants, minimise waste and create healthy, productive environments. This typically involves finding the middle ground and trade offs-that ideally does not compromise the bottom line.

Revit and Insight 360 encourage us to take a holistic approach to the buildings design, allowing use to study different design alternatives, achieve more accurate results and make more effective and sustainable decisions earlier in the design process.

Insight 360 is a cloud based environmental analysis engine that provides energy optimization and building performance results, presented in an easily digestible interface. Experimenting with different values for Wall and Roof construction, Infiltration, Glass properties, Window to Wall ratio, Equipment load, Lighting efficiency, Building orientation and more provide real time feedback that allows us to make the right choices.

In short, the tools within Insight 360 provide clues to the best-case scenario.

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