Industry Collection Suite Download & Activation

How to Download & Activate your New Industry Collection Suite

With the new Industry Collections you only need to download and install the individual applications you want.

The new Industrial Collection Suites includes a much more comprehensive range of applications than ever before but there is no need to spend all day downloading and installing the full suite. If you only want to use Autocad or Revit then you simply download that individual applications saving you time.

Where to Download your Software

There are two ways you can download your Autodesk Applications:

1. From your Autodesk account at
2. From the Autodesk Virtual Agent

Instructions & access to the Virtual Agent can be found here.

To Activate your Software

To activate your software once installed you will need two pieces of information:

1. Your license serial number supplied by Autodesk.
2. The Product Key for the individual application you are activating.

Please note that the Industry Collection Product key does not activate your product. You will need to use the Product Key for application you are activating, please see below. For Example if you have installed Autocad 2017 you would use Product Key 001I1.

When you run your newly installed application you will be prompted for your serial number and the individual Product Key, the screen will look similar to the one below:

Industry Collection Suite Download Activation

Please use your serial number supplied by Autodesk and the applications Product Key and click next. If you have entered the correct information your application will now prompt you to sign in with a valid Autodesk account with the license assigned to it.

If you haven’t yet assigned your license to a user you will also need to do this. If you are not familiar with assigning licenses, a full guide can be found by clicking the link.

Where to Find the Correct Product Key to Use:

You can find the product key for the application you have installed on the following webpages. Please click the link for the software version you have installed to find a comprehensive list.

2017 2016 2015 2014

Head over to our Autodesk Industry Collections page to find out more about this new way of subscribing to your favourite Autodesk software.

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