Infraworks 360 Update

On September 2nd 2015 a new update was made available for Infraworks 360 and with this new update comes an array of new features and improvements.

If you are an existing Infraworks 360 customer then you will get the update for free. Your software will notify you of the newest release and shall provide you with a link to access and download the update. If you are a new customer, you will get the latest version once you have purchased a license for Infraworks 360.

Some of the new features/improvements within the software include:

Traffic Simulation
Traffic Simulation has now been promoted from a preview to be fully integrated into the Roadway Design Module. It has also been enhanced to be more user friendly. This Cloud based tool uses Cloud Credits so you only need to pay for what you use when you need it. New features include:

  • Interactive traffic analysis – This enables you to preview the traffic behaviour directly in the analysis panel.
  • Internal traffic zones – Allows you to define additional traffic demand zones within the study area
  • Traffic analysis on roundabouts – Roundabouts have been added to the Junction types that can be analysed

Intersection design
Staggered junctions are now supported with the ability to edit turning lanes like any other junction. Also, Lane Turn Arrows can now be added. These and significant performance improvements, in particular when a profile view is open, have significantly enhanced the Roadway Design tool.


Component Road
Component roads are still a preview but now you can add and delete road decorations and edit properties such as offset.

Bridge Design
3D Parametric Piers and Pier Foundations: As well as the catalogue for girders and abutments there is also a whole host of parametric pier and pier foundations to choose from. You can also make changes to one object and apply that to other objects with the new 'Apply To' feature. The Bridge Girder analysis (still a preview) is now integrated with Autodesk Structural Bridge Design 2016. If you have this installed you can open the line beam model directly.

Find out more by watching 'What's new in Infraworks 360' or by heading over to the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Please send us any questions you may have by using the button below:

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