Internal Visualisations - How to Make Your Project Real

How do you sell a concept that does not exist yet? Visualise it!

You've probably heard the phrase "A picture paints a thousand words" countless times in the past but if you really want to make an impact, 3D visualisation may be the only way to go if you need to give a client that feeling of quality, uniqueness and create the "that's just what I was looking for feeling".

The Graitec design and visualisation team were contacted late last year by a company called Axis who requested some internal visuals of an apartment for a project they were working on. Michael Banjoko gave us some inspirational images and a CAD plan with a brief to create a modern looking interior using a range of materials. Another key point to the brief was to achieve a realistic level of lighting.

We accepted the project and decided to use some high quality wood and stone materials to create something that looked modern on the one hand but also had a classic feel. We were also asked to incorporate the Gourmet kitchen and were provided the wall units in FBX format. We invested a fair amount of time enhancing the glow effects to ensure they looked as realistic as possible, using tools in After Effects in the post production phase.

Internal Visualisation Project Apartment

The most challenging part of the project was creating realistic fabric for the curtains and bed spread. We used the MassFX in 3ds Max to simulate the fabric which gave pretty good results. The bed was made into a static ridged body and then the material was draped onto it using live drag to achieve the folds etc.

Internal Visualisation Project Bedroom

Once all the modelling was complete we rendered the images using the Mental Ray render engine and edited all the passes including ambient occlusion and z-depth together in After Effects. This is where we also added glow effects, depth of field, lens flares, colour correction and other post production techniques to bring the original render to life.

Internal Visualisation Project

If you need 3D visualisation services for your next project you can contact the Design and Visualisation team direct on 023 8066 1616 to discuss your requirements or click the button below to request more information.

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