Introducing FormIt 360

Do you think SketchUp is great and one of the best conceptual design tools out there? Such a shame the workflows between conceptual design and development of drawings are lacking.

Step aside Sketchup and give way to Formit 360, Autodesk’s multi-device, multi-operating system, conceptual design platform. Whether you want to run it as a desktop app through a web browser or on your mobile device or tablet, running either IOS or Android.

formit 360 revit iteration workflows bim

If that is not getting you excited, how about design workflows that support BIM? FormIt supports iteration with Revit to connect your design concepts to BIM without remodelling.

You can export your Revit Families directly to your A360 Drive for use in FormIt wherever you are. Whether you want the chance to design on site or on the move.

formit 360 revit iteration workflows bim convert rfa

You can even convert your existing SketchUp projects to formit! With its ability to import aerial photography and location data from Google Maps, you can even set the context of your conceptual design to scale. 

formit 360 revit iteration workflows bim pro

FormIt is currently available in 2 versions: FormIt Free and FormIt Professional.

Some of the FromIt Professional features are:

  1. Formit for Windows a desktop App for windows allows you to use Formit when of line on your windows device.
  2. Real-time Collaboration, design with your team on the same model at the same time.
  3. Energy Analysis, use Autodesk’s Insight energy analysis platform to get an understanding of how your conceptual design will work in the realworld.
  4. Solar Analysis, visualise heat gain on your building based on its global position and rotation.
  5. Autodesk Materials, create visualisations using the stand material Librarys that ship with all Autodesk products.
  6. Link your Dynamo design scripts to Formit

We are really excited about this product so to learn more or obtain cost for FormIt Professional , please get in touch through the link below: 

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