Introducing The R2 Version Of Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel 2019

The week we have released the R2 version of the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel 2019. In this release we have added extra data to the already powerful tools and data that the Graitec Powerpack provides to Advance Steel Users.

  1. Thomas Panels cold rolled data has been added to the system, including All Sections, Joint Library Entries, Drawing Styles, Drawing Process & Prototype, BOM templates and Connection templates
  2. The Steel Sections LTD data has been greatly expanded to include all current sections and support all joint types including Mezzanine Floor beams
  3. New gratings have been added to the Lichtgitter Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Gratings

Adance Steel PowerPack 2017 Farm Shed 3

If you purchase your Advance Steel subscriptions from Graitec then the Powerpack is included as part of your subscription. If you are not a Graitec customer, then please get in contact with us as the Powerpack can be purchased separately to your Advance Steel Subscription.

For installation of the Powerpack, please see the points below, and if you are having any difficulties please get in touch with us. There are two ways to install the Powerpack R2 release - both are done by downloading the 2019 R2 installer from your Graitec Advantage account with the following steps.

  1. Uninstall 2019 version and install 2019 R2 (both processes are done through the 2019 R2 installer).
  2. If you have the 2019 version installed and want to directly make the update, open the installer for 2019 R2 and choose Manage Products – the setup will automatically identify the installed software (installed software is ticked); all you have to do is press next for the update to take place. Be careful though, as any unchecked software will be uninstalled (Such as the Revit Powerpack or Advance Workshop)

If you are looking to enhance your Structural capabilities then our certified Advance Steel Training will prove helpful. If you have any questions, please send us an enquiry now:

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