Introduction To iLogic For Autodesk Inventor

iLogicAlthough iLogic has been around for a few years it has or I have only realised its potential now. This came from talking to our simulation and manufacturing specialist about a project he was working on in which he was utilising this tool.

This conversation gave me the idea to share the wonder that is iLogic with you.

iLogic provides powerful rules based design automation built directly into the application and is embedded into iLogic Rulesthe Autodesk Inventor software, this increases the design capabilities and provides a more effective means of creating, capturing and reusing product knowledge by allowing designers and engineers to save and reprocess design knowledge from previous projects using Autodesk iLogic rules.

Autodesk iLogic programs are known as rules. Just like Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), they can be saved within a document (part, assembly, or drawing) or as a separate file. This is great for when you want to create a bespoke rule that is only going to apply to one part.

The brilliant advantage of iLogic and its rules is that once copied with the part it will always iLogic Partremain with that part no matter where it is or in what project.

This will allow you throughout your design engineering process (no matter what project you are working on) to automate tasks that would traditionally have to be done manually and build rules into designs to avoid making an error.

However you don't have to be an engineer to use iLogic as it dramatically simplifies rulespace design for those of you who are Inventor beginners or those with little to no programming experience.

To discover iLogic beyond this blog post sign up for our exclusive Digital Prototyping Launch Day where there will be a demo on the best practices of the very helpful tool and many other sessions including the launch of Inventor and Product Design Suite 2015.

If you would like to know more about iLogic and Inventor or our Digital Prototyping Launch Day call us on 023 8086 8947.

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