Inventor Tips – Parameters While Modelling

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Another little tip which may help your daily Inventor use.

Did you know, you can create parameters for your parts as you model them?

As you create your various parts, you may want to reference other dimensions or use formulas to determine the value of your dimensions. You can of course go to the “Manage” section of your ribbon and click on “Parameters” to make changes to the parameter names after you have created a part.

Here is a block I made earlier, and its associated parameters.

I know it’s a 10mm X 10mm X 10mm cube however which one of the d0,d1,d2 parameters reference which side of the cube? You could change the values to see what the relevant change is but on a far more complicated part, this may be time consuming.

A different way of working which may save time navigating back and forth is to create the parameters as you actually model the part. Let’s create a Square on a fresh 2D Sketch.

Select the “Rectangle” function and begin to place the box.

Parameters While Modelling 2 for web

But wait, don’t enter the values just yet. This is where you can assign them on the fly.

Simply enter the “Parameter Name = Value”, like so:

Parameters While Modelling 3 for web

If you follow this process (which can be used anytime you have to enter a value (such as an extrusion), you will see that your Parameters are already defined and labelled as you desire.

You could use formulas such as Height = Length X 2, ETC.

More tips to come in the following weeks. In the meantime, head over to our mechanical category to read about other helpful tips and tricks from past manufacturing blogs.

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