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Hello Everybody! I thought I’d share a little knowledge in regards to the loft feature which you should be able to use to help model exactly the correct shape, when creating your Autodesk Inventor 3D Parts.
Most of us will have used the Loft feature to create a part at some point or other. Occasionally when you select the two sketches you might be presented with an initial suggestion which doesn’t quite fit the desired result.

Take for example this rectangle to diamond shape loft below:

inventor loft diamond sketch example

Inventors initial suggestion is that there are 5 points going from the rectangle up to the diamond, and these are not exactly where I may have wanted them. How do we change this?

If you double click on the loft in the Browser, you will then be once again presented with the loft feature dialogue box. Now click on the Transitions tab.

inventor loft menu sidebar     inventor loft funtion transition dialog

 By Default, the setting for Automatic Mapping is ticked and inventor will decide (rightly or wrongly) how it thinks you want the sketches to be lofted between.

inventor loft function automatic mapping

Once you untick this, you will be able to reset the points of contact, and even change the number of these to obtain whatever result you need.

inventor loft function points inventor loft diamond finished model

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