Inventor Tip - Accidental Change to Document and Recovering an Old Version

How to revert back if you have already saved the Part or Assembly File

Hello everybody.

I think at some point in our lives we’ve all experienced that horrible moment when we realise that we have changed something on a part or assembly, and re-creating it is going to be a bit of a pain. What’s worse is when you realise you can’t simply hit the undo button as you did this a few days ago and have saved the changes.

It’s always best practice to ensure that your company data is backed up, as this protects against data loss if there is a hardware failure, but it also allows for the possibility of recovering an older version of a file. The only downside with this is that depending on which method your company uses, it can sometimes take a little time to recover your files.

If you use Autodesk Vault, this fully supports previous versions and restoring and reverting is relatively painless. If you don’t use vault, a feature in Inventor which is often overlooked is the “Old Versions” functionality which can be really helpful if you just want to go back to the previous version after you have committed changes.

If you open your “Projects

Inventor recovering an old version Projects Image

And expand the “Options” Section, you will notice that the top option is the “Old Versions To Keep On Save”.

Inventor recovering an old version Options Image

This is tucked away but by default this is set to keep one older version of the part/assembly you have been working on. This can be changed to save more versions, however please bear in mind that each old version will take up space in your current working area.

To access these old versions, you can find them when opening files. The easiest way to locate them is to select your “Workspace” in the open file Dialogue Box.

Inventor recovering an old version workspace Image

You will see the directory “OldVersions”.

Inventor old versions directory Image

When you select any of the files within this directory, you will be presented with a similar dialogue box. You can then choose to revert back to the previous version if needs be.

Inventor recovering an old version open version Image

Just another useful little feature that you may use to save some time.

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