Inventor Tips: Exploded Presentations and Drawings

Hello again everybody, today we are going to take a look at exploded presentations and drawings in Inventor 2017.

First on your home page, create a new Presentation. You will immediately be asked which assembly you would like to base this on. This is the same as clicking on “Insert Model”, from the Presentation tab. This will open up the assembly in its current form. Blue peter time again, here’s a model space ship I made earlier.

Ok so there are a few things we can do from here, so let’s change the view slightly and then explode some of the components out so we can see some of the parts that make up the finished product.

On the “Presentation” tab click on “Tweak Components”.

You will then be presented with the following controls.

There are quite a few options here so I’m just going to go into the ones we need for a simple demonstration.

Where it says “Part” you can choose between “Part” and “Component”. Part only selects the single part (as in a IPT file), however “Component” selects the assembly and any sub parts/assemblies within. This can be very useful as if you select just part, you have to manually go and click every component which is time consuming. In our model below, the engines on the side and the turrets on the engines are actually an assembly, and we want to grab all of them so let’s select Component.

Now I’m going to click on the engine, which selects all of the sub Parts/Assemblies.

The three arrows that appear denote which ways the part can be moved. You can also rotate them should you wish by selecting the “Rotate” option.

For now we are just going slide this part out to the side so I will select the right facing arrow and drag it to the left, like this:

Now what this has done, is moved the engine out to the side over a 2.5 second duration. You can see at the bottom of the window on the “Storyboard” that the timeline has a green marker which lets you know that a tweak is being applied at this point.

Let's go ahead and do the same on the opposite side.

And below in the timeline at the bottom of the screen you should see something like this:

When it comes to the animation this will actually do one movement after the other but should you wish both parts to slide at the same point, you can drag each “Tweak” so that they take place at the same time. Like this:

This is a very basic explosion however in your own models you will of course be able to go through in much greater detail and alter the flow as desired. You will probably also have multiple layers of explosion which is where the “Part” movement comes more into place.

Once complete, you could create an animation by clicking on “Video” which is located in the “Presentation” tab, “Publish” section.

We are however going to create a “Drawing”. You will see on your left in “Snapshot Views” a view will have been created.

In your own presentation, you can select any point in the timeline and click on “New Snapshot View” to provide you with the option of creating the drawing based on that particular view and state of the assembly.

Now select the relevant snapshot and click on “Create Drawing View”, from the “Drawing” section. You will be asked to save your presentation and then select your drawing template.

You will then go ahead and place the views in your drawings as normal where you can then annotate as required.

This only scratches the surface of what is possible so have a try and see what you can do.

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