Inventor Training Tips - Unfold And Refold!

How to Unfold & Refold Sheet Metal Components

For customers using the sheet metal tool in inventor you’re probably aware you can’t create a feature in a flat pattern and then have it appear in the folded model. This can be frustrating as it’s often easier to create a feature you require with a flat part.

A perfect example is drilling holes in a rolled sheet metal part, like a baffle or drainage tray. It would be very difficult or near on impossible to achieve what you were looking for with the part in its folded state, where as creating the hole and patterning it with the part flat is easy.

Generally you may have had a situation in the past where you’ve struggled to create a feature in a sheet metal part, you know what you want but you can’t model it, or can’t get inventor to do what you want, unfold refold may help so we've created this easy to follow video below.

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