Autodesk Inventor - Unexpected reflections and how to remove them

Hello everybody, this is an issue I came across recently which I thought might be helpful to share. A customer of mine was experiencing unexpected reflections on some parts under certain views but they were unable to locate how to remove these reflections. Specifically, a background picture was being reflected off of a shiny metal surface. This is caused by the reflection environment having a background image selected.

This is easy to fix, however, the option may not appear where you think it would. You have to select the “Tools” tab on the ribbon and from the “Options” section select “Application Options”. You will then be presented with the Applications Dialogue Box. If you go to the “Colors” Tab you will be presented with the following:

Applications Dialogue Box

In the highlighted red box, you can select the “Chrome.DDS” reflection map which will remove the image and present a simple reflection. Just one of those options which is hidden a little further down.

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