If you have created your own hardware in Woodwork for Inventor, added it to the assembly and then generated a bill of materials which displays all your panel parts but no hardware, then this step by step guide is a must read.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 1

Step 1

Create your hardware part using multibody solids to define the separate components, and then rename your solid bodies.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 2

Step 2

The -Bolt_hole solid body has been extruded to create the hole which needs to be generated in the panel when the sculpt command has been executed. Once you have created this separate solid body you change the appearance of the -Bolt_hole to be invisible.

Don’t forget to add the negative to the solid body name as the sculpt command will look for any negative and the material will be removed in that area.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 3

Step 3

To make sure that the hardware does not get any woodwork materials assigned to it when you are applying materials to the panels in the assembly, you need to change the hardware component's BOM structure to Phantom.

In order to do this select the tools tab on the ribbon, select document settings, select the bill of materials tab and then change the default BOM structure to Phantom.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 4

Step 4

Don’t forget to set up iMates on your hardware components for ease of placement.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 5

Step 5

The last step would be to set up user parameters to pull the information through to the bill of materials.

CompName1 (Text Parameter), CompCode1 (Text Parameter) and CompQuantity1 (Numeric Parameter set to unitless).

Repeat the process to define the separate solid body parts required for the bill of materials, as is shown below.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 6

Now that the setup is complete the bill of materials should populate all of the hardware info.

woodwork for inventor hardware missing 7

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