It's Just a Phase You're Going Through

Many projects, such as renovations, proceed in phases, each representing a distinct time-period in the life of the project e.g. existing, temporary works, demolition and new construction.

Another way to think of them is as milestones within the project life. They can represent specific time periods themselves e.g. week 1, week 2, week 3 of construction, or the status of the project at a given point in time.

Autodesk Revit tracks the phase in which views or elements are created or demolished. You can use phase filters to control the flow of building model information into views and schedules. This allows you to create phase-specific project documentation, complete with schedules.

You can apply phases to schedules. For example, in a large renovation project, a door schedule would usually list all doors created in the project. In a building with hundreds of doors, the schedule could become difficult to work with, because the demolished doors would be listed with the postrenovation doors. Instead of working with a schedule in which half of the doors are eventually demolished, you could create one pre-demolition schedule and one post-renovation schedule, applying the appropriate phase to each.

With good old traditional CAD, this would be done by creating multiple duplicated layouts and then overriding the various geometries graphics in individual viewports, depending on the phase to be shown. Very tedious, time consuming and easy to make mistakes.

Well, welcome to the glorious age of BIM (Building Information Modelling for those still in the dark) where building objects (walls, doors, floors etc.) can have a phase assigned to them and then individual views a phase filter allowing them to display a model at any given point in the timeline.

In this whitepaper, I will cover how to create and manage different phases in a project, as well as advice and tips to help you master phasing in Revit. To download, you'll only need to fill in the form below: 

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