Keeping it Low - Interference Checking in Revit

Checking for clashes in any construction project is a must and will hopefully highlight any issues way before they become a costly amendment onsite.

When working on a collaborative design project a regular coordination review is a necessary part of the process. Software packages like Navisworks would be used to produce a federated 3D model and the Clash Detective would be utilised to highlight any issues to be then fed back to the necessary party to rectify.

When working on the project in Autodesk Revit you can also use its in built clash detection to help reduce the clashes resulting from your model. Although the Revit Interference Check doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Navisworks, when used wisely it proves to be a useful addition to your workflow during modelling.

To avoid overloading your results in Revit, it is a good idea to only select on screen the items you wish to interrogate before you run the report.

revit clash detection autodesk

Once you access the Interference Check you will then get the option to choose ‘Current Selection’ from to pull-down menus at the top, which allows you to concentrate on a small portion of the model.

revit clash detection autodesk interference check

You can then choose to run the selected items against other elements from the current project or from a linked project as above. Here we will look at the current model and check for clashes between services.

revit clash detection autodesk interference check 2

Once complete you will get one of two possible results below to which obviously, the former would be preferable.

revit clash detection autodesk no interference

revit clash detection autodesk no interference model

If it is the latter, then at least you know within reason where your clash is, as you have only concentrated on a small area which will highlight by selecting the elements in the results. This report takes very little time to set up and run and if used little and often can help you realise the clashes around the time they happen.

I hope this has been useful.

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