La Maison Tropicale

Untitled-1La Maison Tropicale was the first ever flat pack home created by Jean Prouvѐ a renowned designer and engineer in 1951. The house was moved to remote parts of West Africa to house French colonials at the time and it managed to survive gun battles, tropical rainstorms, blistering temperatures and being deconstructed and shipped across the Atlantic in containers a number of times.

About six years ago now the La Maison Tropicale arrived outside the Tate Modern for a temporary exhibition and this is where the Graitec design team came into play. Whilst the flat-pack home was being constructed they had to record and measure every component, fitting, and the assembly process in order to later model the construction in Autodesk Inventor. The end result would be a complete digital model of the building and a detailed instruction manual for the flat-pack building.

Greg Benson who was the Graitec manager for the project said "Before the team of French builders began constructing the house we had to record and measure in accurate detail every part of the building manually. In fact, as soon as any beam, panel and other component was taken out of the transport container we were their taking notes. We then recorded every assembly and watched how the whole house fitted together, taking detailed photographs along the way to help us in our task.

"The builders were eager to get the house up and ready for the exhibition so we had to work swiftly and efficiently to avoid holding up their schedules. However, it needed to be done at this stage as once the building was up, a lot of the structural detail would be hidden."

The La Maison Tropicale project has been used as a major Autodesk Inventor Case Study. To find out more on the project and the process then click this link and you will be taken to the official PDF Case Study.

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