Companies implementing building information modelling into businesses reap numerous benefits such as a higher quality of build, lower costs, better management of resources and so much more. But with the government assessing the supply chain on their BIM capabilities, how can your business stay ahead of the competition to make sure you get chosen for projects?

Graitec’s partnership with the BRE means we can offer our customers a unified and all-inclusive service that enables them to acquire a BIM Level 2 Certification, and ultimately gain recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards.

But one of the main questions we get asked by customers is ‘how can this be beneficial to me and my business?’ Because of this we decided to put together an infographic so you can easily see the ‘Top 6 Reasons to get BIM Level 2 Certified’. Just click on the image below to view this.

Note: if you've clicked on the below image and the infographic is too small to read, hover over the infographic and click on the 4 arrows in the top left.

To find out more about BIM Level 2 Certification and Graitec’s partnership with the BRE, just head over to our dedicated webpage. Here you will be able to find out about why you should choose BRE certification, how to get ready for this and much more.

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