For ongoing improved security, new or enhanced features and bug fixes it is always wise to keep your Autodesk software up to date.

As a short list of the January 2019 releases, there are 2017, 18 & 19 .2 or .3 updates available for:

• Revit and Revit LT
• Inventor
• 3ds Max
• Civil 3D

This is not a complete list, so log into your Autodesk Account, go to Manage Products and on the left hand menu, click on the Product Updates link and wait for the list to load!

Autodesk Software Updates 1

Find your Autodesk product and over on the right you should find a Download icon to download your latest service pack or update. Autodesk Software Updates 2

As an example, the latest Revit update contains many fantastic improvements, with over 25 new or improved features. There are too many to list here, but to mention a couple:

• Easily publish the latest version of Revit cloud models to BIM 360 with Revit Home.
• It is now possible to move elements very small distances – the error "too small on screen" will not be displayed.

There are also over 50 resolved issues across the Platform, Architecture tools, MEP tools, Structure and API.

Keep safe, up to date and maximise your Autodesk Subscription value by using your Autodesk Account for updates and product enhancement add-ons to your software.

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