Making it Real With VR – Energie Fitness

Here at Graitec we have completed a VR project for Energie Fitness. We were contacted by Jan Spaticchia who is CEO of Energie. Jan was very interested in showcasing a gym using Virtual Reality technology. We have worked with Energie on 3d Visuals and walkthroughs in the past so we based this project on a previous gym we had the model for.

The customers brief was for a VR experience with teleporter to navigate the model, a video wall to view Energie fitness promo video and the ability to import models to place in the scene such as dumbells and fitness balls.

Energie Fitness VR Front of Building

The first step was to get the building into game engine technology such as Stingray or Unreal engine. The workflow for this was by converting the 3dsMax file into an FBX file and then importing into the software. Once in the VR controls could be applied including the ability to teleport around the building, importer and pick up controls. We also had to create a video wall with a play button that would activate the video when the user pressed it.

Energie Fitness VR video wall

Once the building was complete the next step was optimising the gym kit models so they were light weight and would run at optimum levels in the real-time engine. We did this by removing any unnecessary parts of the model such as bolts etc. We also had to optimise the mesh by systematically removing the polygons.

Energie Fitness VR Gym

The last step of the project was importing an animated character into the VR experience. We had to export the model and the animation into an FBX and place into the scene. The result was a lady doing some stretches in the studio which gave a realistic impression of someone really being there.

Energie Fitness VR animated character

Once finalised we exported to a .exe file that could be sent to the customer and run on their HTC Vive headset and hand controls with no additional software needed.

To find out more about Graitec's virtual reality services just give the design and visualisation team a call on 023 8066 1616 or click the button below to request more information.

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