Managing Revit Shortcuts

Managing Revit ShortcutsLike most software, Revit has command Shortcuts, these give you a quick and efficient way to enter your most frequently used commands. As standard, there are some default shortcuts and of course you can create your own. If required, the shortcuts can be exported, shared or printed.

Access the Shortcuts in 2 ways -

• Options-User Interface- Customise.
• View-User Interface-Keyboard Shortcuts.

Once you’ve opened the Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue, it’s possible to search for the desired command, but it’s a long list, so you could save some time by filtering the choice. See the images below for the options and their functionality.

Managing Revit Shortcuts Search Filter Description 2

Managing Revit Shortcuts Search Filter Description

Searching for ‘air’ would result in ‘Air Terminal’ and ‘Stair’ – note, the search in NOT case sensitive. Selecting a column header will automatically sort the columns content in either Ascending or Descending order.

Managing Revit Shortcuts Searc Description

So now you’ve found the appropriate command, you can assign the hotkey. Revit will accept up to 5 alphanumerical characters and combination of either the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift’ keys and one character, for example ‘ABCDE’ ‘Ctrl- B’, don’t forget to pick the ‘assign’ button. Interestingly, Revit will accept multiple hotkeys for the same command. The hotkey will start working immediately, no need to reboot.

Type in your hotkey and the command will start, if required, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to cycle between hotkeys.

If you wanted to share or print the hotkeys, you can export the hotkeys to .XML

Managing Revit Shortcuts Export

Import the .XML file into Excel, (Data-From Other sources-from XML data Import)

Managing Revit Shortcuts Import into Excel

As an Aid, use the official Autodesk Shortcuts guide to get a complete list in .PDF format.

Managing Revit Shortcuts Autodesk Revit Shortcuts Guide

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