Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips

When you hold the cursor over a tool on the ribbon, by default Revit displays a tooltip. The tooltip provides a brief description of the tool. If you leave the cursor over the ribbon tool for long enough, additional information displays, if available. While the tooltip is visible, you can press F1 for context-sensitive help that provides more information about that tool.

Some tooltips include embedded videos called Toolclips, these provided additional instruction.

Revit provides two types of Tooltips, Ribbon and In-canvas.

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips Ribbon Tooltip

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips In canvas Tooltip

How much information the Tooltips provide is configurable in Revit Options, in ‘User Interface’ –‘Tooltip assistance’. More or less information will be displayed based on your choice between None, Minimal, Normal or High.

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips Help Options

The image below provides a detailed explanation of the possible choices.

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips Description of Options

Hot Tip!
Some users experience an undesirable effect while using Revit Tooltips, the embedded videos (Toolclips) remain on the screen and just refuse to disappear. This is a known issue, luckily it has a fix. See the snapshot of the Autodesk Knowledge base Troubleshooting page below.

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips Troubleshooting

To finish off this blog I’d like to mention ‘Keytips’. I bet you’ve seen them many times and instantly dismissed them as an irritation, however, they do have a benefit. Depress the keyboard ‘Alt’ key (or F10) to see them.

Managing Revit Tooltips and Keytips Keytip 1

Follow the Keytip to quickly enter a command. For example, the following syntax will import a CAD file.

‘Alt’ – ‘I’ – ‘I’

Give it a try, who knows, you may like it.

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