Microsoft HoloLens

hololensMicrosoft HoloLens – a piece of upcoming technology that everyone should know about.

I'm sure most of you have probably heard about the Microsoft HoloLens by now and if you haven't, I definitely recommend you look it up. You'll be astounded by the capabilities of this hardware and what you are able to do with just your imagination.

Microsoft's HoloLens is far more than a pair of futuristic glasses. It takes you beyond what was physically deemed possible just a couple of years ago and allows you to see high definition holograms, right in front of your very eyes. It doesn't matter if you are in your lounge, at work, or on a beach; put on the HoloLens glasses and watch the world come to life around you. A mixed reality!

On Microsoft's website it says 'unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work and play'. All you have to do is simply use your voice, vision and movement to interact, learn, share ideas or create something new. Blend your real world with the digital - the world of Holograms.

Digital models made in 3D design software such as Autodesk Maya and Fusion 360 will be made compatible with the Microsoft HoloLens. This essentially allows you to view a model or design at full scale, whilst tweaking and developing your prototypes further.

hololens2Furthermore, Autodesk recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Autodesk have a 3D printing software platform called Spark, and this is going to be integrated with the new Windows 10 platform to bring your visions to life. This bascially means you can 3D print directly from Windows 10. To find out more about Spark and Windows 10 head over to

If you are interested in finding out more about Autodesk software, training, support or hardware then check out our site for more information or alternatively contact your local Graitec office today or request a quote.

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