Migrating Your Fabrication CADmep Database To Revit And Other Locations

When you are working with Autodesk Fabrication CADmep on projects, it is quite common to use a custom fabrication database relevant to the requirements of the job. These databases are generally associated with the version of CADmep you are currently using.

These custom databases will also be available for use within the like version of Revit if it is a supported release (post 2016). The below screenshots show the 2017 Fabrication Configuration Editor on the left and the Revit 2017 Fabrication Settings on the right. You can see that along with the standard databases there is a custom one called 1707-GTX-0001 which is visible on both.

fabrication cadmep 1

When you upgrade to a later version of CADmep, you will only have access to the standard fabrication databases. This is where the Migration tool comes in handy, as it allows you to upgrade the custom databases to be re-used in later software versions.

To start with you will need to find the migration tool for the version you require the database to be used in. Usually a good place to begin would be the ‘Start Menu’ and ‘All Programs’ which will vary in looks depending upon which release of Windows you are using, but it shouldn’t be any more difficult to find in whichever version.

fabrication cadmep 2

Once you have opened the tool, you will see the dialogue box below or something very similar depending upon which previous versions of databases you possess. As you can see there are options to import both ‘2017 & 2018’ databases and another option to ‘Import Fabrication Configuration’.

fabrication cadmep 3

First, we will look at selecting the ‘Import Fabrication Configuration’ option which requires you to browse to the folder location manually as in the image below:

fabrication cadmep 4

fabrication cadmep 6fabrication cadmep 5Once you have located the folder you simply click on ‘Select’, and then it will ask you to name the new configuration. Note the original is left intact as this process automatically creates a copy.

It will then begin the process of copying and updating the database, and you will be notified once this is complete.

 As you can see from the screenshots below, the database is now available for use in the 2019 versions of both Revit and CADmep.

fabrication cadmep 7

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