Mockup 360 For Product Design Suite Subscribers

Mockup 360This year, as Autodesk shake up their Product Design Suite 2015 those of you who are benefiting from Subscription with your software are now being offered an additional tool to employ throughout your design projects.

The extra capability of Mockup 360 allows you to get further value from your Subscription and give you access to cloud-based collaboration capabilities.

Mockup 360 provides the functionality to collaborate in real time on a single 3D model, or mockup of your design project. You as the user will now be able to contribute and aggregate your CAD data from virtually any source to create a model that serves as a single source of data for your project.

The great thing about Mockup 360 is that you will be able to see model changes in real time as new models are added, as you analyse interferences, measure and reposition components, leave notes, respond to feedback, and so much more.

The additional software will help you to easily collaborate with others to ensure that your product development is successful and to avoid the challenges that could result in poor, slow and limited collaboration which could lead to time and money wasted.

By having access to this tool through your Product Design Suite Subscription you are able to create and manage up to five mockup projects at one time. But all flavours of Mockup 360 allow you to participate in as many projects as you like with no limitations of collaboration functionality.

To experience Mockup 360 before you commit Autodesk are offering a free trial version but if you want to fully embrace this additional tool then there is a paid (pro) version which allows you to adapt the levels of collaboration you require within your project/product management.

To talk us about how you can utilise Mockup 360 or your Product Design Suite Subscription contact us on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote.

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