Modifying your Revit Walls to extend layers

On the topic of Autodesk Revit Walls, I frequently get asked whether there is a way to have a portion (one or more layers) in a compound wall extend beyond the bottom or top of the wall. In fact, this is very straightforward to do, and I shall outline how in this blog.

The trick to making this work is to modify the structure of the wall in a section view. You also have to unlock the constraints that normally cause all of the layers to end at the bottom of the wall.

Step 1. First, select the wall you want to modify. Then, in the Properties palette, click Edit Type.

Step 2. Next, in the Type Properties dialog, under Construction, click the Structure Edit button.

Step 3. In the Edit Assembly dialog box, make sure the preview is turned on and switch to a section view. Now zoom in to the bottom (or top) of the wall.

Step 4. Click Modify, and then select the bottom edge of the wall layer you want to be able to extend (for example, the siding). Once selected, click to unlock the padlock icon. Repeat this step for any other layers you want to be able to modify. When finished, click OK to close all of the dialog boxes.

revit walls modify 1

Step 5. After making this change to the wall assembly, you can now modify the bottom (or top) of an instance of the wall by displaying a section view and clicking on the wall. You will notice new grips appear on the wall layer that allow you to offset the bottom of the wall. In addition, if you display the Instance Properties for the wall, you will notice that you can specify a Base Extension Distance to set the distance that the layers extend beyond the bottom of the wall.

revit walls modify 2

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