Please Note: Autodesk has discontinued this feature in favour of Robot Structural Analysis which is available as part of the Autodesk AEC collection. please visit our Robot Training page for more information about training packages, or if you are interested in a standalone solution other than Robot, we also provide our own BIM compliant FEM solution, Advance Design Structural Analysis software.

Analyze in Cloud no longer available

Structural AnalysisA new feature is available for users of Structural Analysis 360, the cloud based analysis for Autodesk Revit.

Structural Analysis for Revit allows structural engineers to conduct analysis in the cloud as a part of the BIM process (yes we have mentioned BIM again, we just can't help it!).

Ultimately this plug-in extends models from within Revit Structure to the cloud for static analysis and benefits you by being able to streamline your workflow by using the results from the assessment to make decisions earlier on in the project.

With this latest feature users are now able to examine and explore the analytical model used by the analysis service directly from within their WebGL enabled browser. This means that once the model you wish to work on has been driven to the cloud for analysis you will have access to view it through a very convenient 3D model viewer at any time and any place – bearing in mind that you have to be on board with Autodesk 360 Cloud to do this.

This then allows you as the user to view nodes, bars, panels, meshes, supports, and loads that have been defined earlier.

The new feature also allows you to check warnings and errors in the analytical model, allowing you to edit the source design to attend to the issues that may have been created in the design process.

This new feature can be accessed from within the online results report, or the projects dashboard.

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