New Features Of Vault 2015

Vault 2015 BadgeWe can talk about what's new within your integral design tools but if you are looking to customise your product data management process then that won't help. So here's a detailed lowdown on how Autodesk Vault 2015 can help you and the new features it has to offer.

Autodesk have improved integration by modifying edited out of turn behaviours, add file from item, and create virtual part from item and browser changes. This enables greater Inventor usability while a whole host of added functionality make the integration with Revit further synced than before.Vault 2015 Inventor Integration 1

To look further in-depth at the integration with Inventor users will have the advantage of being able to better identify and make informed decisions about the file status information and better options for working with dirty files (basically a file that isn't up-to-date).

This is done by using the yellow information status icon that was previously limited to "unexpected version" events. But now has a new plus sign to indicate the document has been edited locally and allow the user to understand if the file needs to be checked out, cannot be checked out or if they have the correct version on disk.

Further enhancements have been made to support item-orientated workflows within Inventor and AutoCAD. To recognise item search and records within Open/place dialog box add-ins have been developed.

But the biggest modification is that of creating virtual components based on Vault item information. Up until 2015 this virtual components could only be created and edited in isolation but now it permits users to select source item for extended file property information once they have created a virtual component. This means that these items can be shared across models therefore taking them out of isolation.

Vault 2015 Revit Integration 1In terms of Revit integration users can capture and manage project properties to a greater extent than in previous versions. This now allows you to point to a shared parameters file stored in vault which be reused for consistency.

Vault 2015 now supports load model groups, detail groups and attached detail groups from the Vault into the current project which is useful to allow you incorporate only groups that you need in a single workflow.

Furthermore you are able to import CAD files from Vault into your Revit creation and link extended file types to include .dgn, .sat, and .skp files.

It is not just the tools that have changed in Revit integration with Vault, Autodesk have developed an improved interface which has a new login interface and connection status as well as improved tooltips.

What's more you are able to maintain link to DWF during check out and check back of Revit File.

Keep an eye out for our next post on more new features of Autodesk Vault 2015, including downstream communication, item and BOM usability as well as thin client.

To discuss your Vault requirements with us call us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information.

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