New Features Of Vault 2015 - Part Two

Vault 2015 BadgeHere I go again discussing the new features of Vault. In my previous post I gave you an insight into how Vault 2015 has been developed to further integrate with Inventor and Revit to allow for a greater entwined data management process.

In this post I will give you a glimpse of how the new Autodesk Vault 2015 release can support your need for downstream communication such as item creation, BOM configuration as well as the redesigned online access for Vault –Thin Client.

A great deal of effort has gone into item creation to simplify the process which has resulted in a single click create practice. But in terms of assigning an item to file workflow this course of action has been impressively streamlined to a single assign dialog enabling users to quickly confirm (or edit) item numbers, properties and BOM structure.

The techies at Autodesk have given you as the user greater flexibility to layout your Bill Of Materials to your tailored preferences. You can now: Item  BOM

  • Resolve duplicates automatically
  • Change item numbering
  • Assign all items, parent only or a selection of BOM rows
  • Revise BOM rows
  • Edit BOM position number
  • Add reorder and exclude rows.

In addition to the traditional but newly developed assign item to file workflow process Vault 2015 has made your task of file association with items easier but permitting you to easily drag and drop and copy paste into the detail page of your BOM.

To save you time your BOM in Vault is fitted with a "Save As" under the item file menu to quickly and easily create a new item from an existing that includes copied item properties, BOM rows copied as manual rows and attachments.

With the release of Vault 201Vault Thin Client5 comes a new interface for the Thin Client Project Explorer for those of you accessing Vault through a web browser. It now gives you the user the ability to display content in several manners including file grid view, title view, and plank view.

The way you browse your files has also become more accessible by simply browsing the folder structure by selecting the required folder or navigating along the toolbar at the top of the window.

Thin Client has been improved to save you time when viewing your files by utilising the new moustache controls to quickly access the available commands. This includes View and Download documents of view folder details as well as allowing you to preview and bring up high resolution thumbnails.

This update also extends to Vault office client experience to allow you to view and download files as well as check in, check out, undo check out and add files within the vault so to speak.

The last feature has grown through an update on 2015 is Autodesk Vault File Server. The new console type permits you to local file store as well improve replication performance to reduce complexity and maintenance using a remote ADMS.

To find out more about Autodesk Vault 2015 don't hesitate to contact us on 023 8086 9647 or request more information.


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New Features Of Vault 2015

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