New Mobile Energy Analysis Tool For Autodesk FormIt

FormItAutodesk FormIt is a ‘BIM-based’ conceptual design tool that gives architects and designers the necessary tools needed to create and share design ideas. They can then continue their BIM process by transferring the models directly into Autodesk Revit.

FormIt was principally made for the iPad community but since its launch it’s now available for both iPad and Android users. There’s also a beta version of FormIt inside your web browser with no plugins required, though at present it lacks the functionality available in the tablet version.

It’s still early days for the conceptual modelling tool, similar to the Trimble SketchUp application, but the future looks bright.

At AU2013 it was announced FormIt for iPad has been redesigned to take advantage of Apple’s iOS 7. Users can now benefit from the use of Airdrop and Print functionality, plus new social sharing capabilities. New drawing features, including a spline tool, have been added to enable a larger variety of forms for users to explore.

The recently updated iPad version also includes ground-breaking energy analysis tools powered by Autodesk Green Building Studio, which enable users to get a simple indication of their model’s potential building performance cost based on climate data, building type, and building size. This tool helps designers and architects bring energy analysis into the earliest stages of a design process.

What's New in FormIt?

Building Program in Autodesk FormIt Mobile.

Autodesk also highlighted their collaboration aspirations for FormIt by demonstrating a soon to be deployed feature allowing users to work on projects together in real-time. By using the power of Autodesk 360 cloud services, future designers will be able to simultaneously access and collaborate on models using their FomIt application of choice.

Autodesk FormIT Real Time Collaboration.

Autodesk FormIt has been doing the rounds on the top ten app lists recently and it’s continually gaining credibility amongst the AEC building industry. Combined with the rise of ‘software as a service’ and an increased demand for mobility we’re likely to see many more updates, as well as a more advanced and coherent web based version to follow.

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