Revit Tip - Drawing a wall to Brick / Block Course length and height

When you are asked the same Revit question by two different clients in the same week then it’s time to write a blog.

The question is: “Can you draw a wall to brick / block course length and height?

There are actually a few ways to achieve this and here are my two easiest options for you:

Option 1: Using a Workplane

revit brick courses 2

Firstly, from the Architecture tab on the Ribbon, go to the Workplane section and click Show.

Select the Workplane, and from the Options bar set the spacing to 225 (brick length + mortar joint).

Now you can draw elements by snapping to the Workplace grid intersections.

revit brick courses 3

revit brick courses 4

NOTE: If you have already begun to place walls, then you can use the Align tool to reposition the Workplace to your model. You can also place and show Workplaces in Section and Elevation views.

Option 2: Using the Line Based Coursing Detail Component tool.

From the Annotate tab> Detail> Component, select Load Family and navigate to the Detail Items> Annotation folder. Here you will find two Line Based Detail Components:

• Detail_Items_Coursing_Lines_in-Plan.rfa
• Detail_Items_Coursing_Lines_in-Sec-ELES.rfa

Simply draw two points to place the detail. As you move your cursor to the second position, the detail will snap and show refence points for whole and half brick lengths, as well as the mortar joints.

Once placed you can use the detail to snap to and define your wall lengths (or other objects).

revit brick courses 5

Finally, just for interest’s sake, as I did mention there were a few ways to achieve working to brick / block dims......

It is possible to set up Global Parameters to use a formula based solution, which in turn drives a Label Dimension:

revit brick courses 6

You could also set up your Snap length increments:

revit brick courses 7

And there are other ways. But for me I would personally use Option 1 or 2 and stick to that good old rule of keeping things simple.

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