Revit tip - Use cloud-based Structural Analysis for Revit on an analytical model

Structural Analysis for Revit enables users to quickly and inexpensively perform cloud-based structural analyses directly. Results are displayed, and can be explored on the Autodesk 360 Structural Analysis website.

To use the Analyse in the cloud feature, firstly the Structural Analysis Toolkit add-in must be installed; you will need to login with your Autodesk ID within the current Revit session.

revit cloud structural analysis 2

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After you have prepared your model, applied boundary conditions, loads, load combinations etc. and checked / adjusted it, it can be uploaded directly from Revit to the A360 Structural Analysis website.

The tool will check your entitlement, verify the model and upload it ready to run the analysis, and once you have named it the cost of the cloud credits required will be shown.

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You will then see a message showing that the analysis has started, and can monitor its progress as it is running.

Importantly you can continue working on other things in Revit whilst the analysis is running in the cloud.

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You will get a message pop up when the analysis has completed.

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When you go back to the Autodesk 360 Structural Analysis website you will see a list of all the analysis processes that have previously been run, and you can view the reports for any of these. You can download PDF versions of reports, and if needed you can download a Robot Structural Analysis model.

revit cloud structural analysis 9

Below is a brief snapshot of the results:

revit cloud structural analysis 10


revit cloud structural analysis 11

When the model has been analysed in the cloud, a results package is created. You can also use the Results Manager to access these results packages - select the package and click Explore to visualize the content of the results package.

revit cloud structural analysis 12

The analysis is powered by the Robot Structural Analysis engine. However, the cloud-based analysis has a limited feature set, enabling only static and gravity analyses to be performed, and for full-featured structural analysis to be conducted you will need to use a Structural design FEA/FEM software solution such as Advance Design Structural Design and analysis or the full version of Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

Structural Analysis for Autodesk Revit is available under Autodesk subscription only.

Find out more about the enhancements in the 2018 version of the Structural Analysis Toolkit with our blog, or send us an enquiry now for more Autodesk Revit information:

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