Personalise the Revit Panel Schedule Template

Revit comes already pre-loaded with several panel schedule templates for Branch, Switchboard and Date circuits. Customising these templates allows you to personalise your finished panel schedule and ensures that you only include information you wish to show.

One of the branch panel templates is based on the design of a UK BS7671 distribution board (DB) schedule, and we will look at editing this one. To begin with you will need to go to the Revit ‘Manage’ tab as below, then select ‘Manage Templates’.

revit panel cover

Once you are into the dialogue box, ensure that you select ‘Branch Panel’ from the template type and ‘One Column’ from the panel configuration. From here you should be able to see the existing template. You can edit this template if you wish to re-purpose it, or you may wish to duplicate it and leave the original one intact. At the bottom, you can see the Edit, Duplicate, Rename and Delete buttons. In this example, we will duplicate the existing one.

revit panel 2

Once you have duplicated and named the new template you will then edit it.

revit panel 3

A column I would likely remove would be the wire size. First you must select it, then you click on the remove column button in the ribbon – simple!

revit panel 4

Another important amendment is to amend the phase reference from A, B & C to the UK format L1, L2 & L3. This one is even easier, you simply overwrite the existing ones. It is the same for your company name or any other column header.

revit panel 5

It is also possible to insert an image file into your template for your company logo; again you must select the field you wish to use first, click on ‘Insert Graphic’ and then browse for your file.

revit panel 6

After the amendments, we have something resembling the screenshot below - in this case I’ve named it ‘Graitec UK Three Phase’.

revit panel 7

Once you’re done, click on ‘Finish Template'.

If there is additional information you require, it is also possible to add more fields and columns to your template from either existing parameters or custom ones.

Another issue to consider is how you wish to display the load data in the schedule. The above example shows the 3 phases, however for a single-phase board you would only be interested in total load. Therefore, it would be necessary to have another version of your template, which can be achieved relatively simply.

To achieve this, I’m duplicating my Graitec UK Three Phase template and renaming it Graitec UK Single Phase.

revit panel 8

Once that is done, you will edit the new template and click on ‘Set Template Options’ to open the dialogue box below. In there you will select ‘Circuit Table’ followed by ‘Total Load Only per Circuit’ > OK.

revit panel 9

This will then only display the total load in the column as below.

revit panel 10

Once you’re done, click on ‘Finish Template’ to complete.

Check out the Graitec Powerpack for Revit for even more additional functionality including the excellent Link to Excel feature, or send us a request for more information now for any other queries:

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