Placing A Soldier Course In A Wall In Revit

You might already know that walls in Autodesk Revit are system families, which means they exist in a project but can’t be saved as individual families (RFA). You also might already know that the Wall tool in Revit allows us to edit and duplicate to create different wall types with distinct make up, materials and thickness. What you might not know is that we can also edit any wall type to contain extra features such as skirting, dado, trunking, cornices, soldier courses and coping. These are all created using the sweeps tools, as I will demonstrate below.

For this tip I’m going to look at placing a soldier course in a wall. I am going to use the Wall: Sweep tool found under Architecture Tab> Build Panel> Wall> Wall: Sweep.

Revit Soldier Course 1

Firstly, I’m going to duplicate the original wall sweep-cornice and then create my own wall sweep-soldier course. I will the profile to - Profiles_Cant_Brick_Soldier_3_Courses: Standard, the material to - Brick, Soldier Course, and a subcategory of walls - Wall Sweep - Cornice.

Revit Soldier Course 2

I can now place my soldier course anywhere in my wall.

Revit Soldier Course 3

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