PowerPack for Advance Steel 2021 – Kingspan SBS Mezzanine Floor Beam Systems Create CAM Tool

The Graitec PowerPack 2021 for Advance Steel now has a dedicated tool to create CAM data for the Kingspan Steel Building Solutions Mezzanine Floor Beam Systems. The Kingspan Create CAM tool is found on the PowerPack ribbon in the Fabricate panel.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Ribbon Fabricate Panel

The Kingspan SBS Mezzanine sections and joint data were added to Advance Steel via the Graitec PowerPack in 2015, this new create CAM tool allows users to create an export which can be sent straight to Kingspan SBS for manufacturing for the following sections:

- Cee Floor Beams
- Sigma Beam
- MezaMega - C Section Beam
- Ancillaries associated with these section ranges.

The Create CAM tool takes the project data from the standard Advance Steel project settings and populates it into the Kingspan CAM Project Information.

PP4AS Project Data Information

The Kingspan SBS Mezzanine Create CAM tool will then generate the following information:

- CAM Export file
- A required drawing report (Notepad format)
- A warning report for non-standard details (Notepad format)
- An error log (Notepad format)
- A summary file (Notepad format)

All of these files are created in a dedicated Kingspan CAM folder in the Advance Steel model folder structure.

KingspanCAM Folder

As well as the CAM data a new drawing process for Kingspan SBS drawings has been added to Advance Steel via the Graitec PowerPack 2021. To access the PowerPack drawing processes click the flag icon on the process palette and choose Graitec UK Styles. This new process will generate the fabrication drawings for just the Kingspan SBS Mezzanine sections and ancillaries on the Kingspan SBS drawing border.

Kingspan SBS drawing border


For more information on the Kingspan SBS Mezzanine floor beam systems please visit their website.

For a full breakdown of the tools available in the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel please visit the PowerPack webpage. Alternatively, to request more infromation, please click on the button below.

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