Product Design Suite 2015

Today, as the first shipment of Product Design Suite 2015 is released to customers there has been a slight change in the offerings coming from Autodesk.

You might or might not have already heard that PDS will go from three versions down to two packed editions with new software for users to experience.

As Standard has been dropped Premium and Ultimate take on new compositions to allow Product Design Suite to differentiate itself from the rest of the market.

It had been rumoured that Showcase was being dropped from all platforms but due to the feedback from users Autodesk have decided that the beloved software is here to stay (for this edition anyway).

However, if you were utilising Sketchbook Designer and Mudbox throughout your projects then I’m sorry to say that it has been dropped from all platforms but they are still available as a separate product.

So here’s how it looks for you as a user:

If you were using Standard and wish to upgrade to the 2015 version then you will migrate to Premium and still have all the software you have become accustomed to using but without Sketchbook Designer and Mudbox.

For those of you who are already using Premium and wish to continue using this platform you will see a considerable change to your software.

If you are looking to upgrade to Ultimate then you will still have all the software you were using in Premium but with the addition of Alias Design, Navisworks Manage, Inventor Professional and AutoCAD Electrical.

Here is a handy image to show you what has happened in a visual format:


Product Design Suite Migration

If you have any questions about the transformation then call us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information about you upgrade or new set of Product Design Suite 2015.

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