Project Falcon Will Move Forward As Autodesk Flow Design.

autodesk-flowdesign2It was revealed that Project Falcon will graduate as Autodesk Flow Design after a lot of feedback from the Autodesk Labs community.

The product itself will have an improved user interface for the stand-alone version (PC and Mac) and some upgrades inside Inventor and Revit.  For now the AutoCAD plug-in won’t be available but may come back later.

So what how will Autodesk Flow Design help you?

Project Falcon 2013 for Autodesk software is a wind tunnel simulator that allows you to interactively investigate the aerodynamic performance of your design at any stage using a robust meshing technique.

The application simulates air flow around vehicles, buildings, outdoor equipment, consumer products or other objects of your choosing in a virtual wind tunnel.

So once you’ve created your design within the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate you are able to see how exactly the wind/air will flow over your design. 


Having the ability to simulate and visualise the air flow on your design allows you to make better informed decisions about the design earlier within the design process, without having to set up new models.

“Flow Design is a terrific addition to the designer’s toolkit,” said Luke Mihelcic, marketing manager at Autodesk.

“By giving designers a way to visualize airflow at the conceptual level of the design, Flow Design aims to foster more creativity and innovation.”

What has changed?

Through a number of tests within the Autodesk Labs community a range of features have been honed:

•    64-bit solver process with greater access to memory
•    Expanded graphics card and driver support
•    Voxel size and overall tunnel size information
•    Solution status indicator
•    Ability to key-in specific values for velocity, resolution, orientation, etc.
•    Expanded CAD imports (ipt, iam, sldprt, prt, x_t, STEP, etc.)
•    Ribbon-style controls, standard menus, and model navigation cube
•    Colour banding and contour display options
•    Revised tunnel and flow line seed box size controls
•    Improved video recording controls and feedback
•    Simplified iso-surface controls
•    Saved run configurations for fast recall of past runs
•    Multi-axis wind tunnel orientation control inside Inventor
•    Pressure shading on building surfaces inside Revit
•    Wind velocity profile option inside Revit.

Previously the application was only available as a Technology Preview for Autodesk Design 2012, Surface 2012 & Automotive 2012 from the Autodesk Labs.

Keep an eye out on Autodesk Labs for more great previews as they become avaliable. If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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