Push the Boundaries of Possibility: Introducing the HP Z4 G4

The new Z4 G4 workstation pushes desktop processing power to new heights, delivering the tools to ramp up digital designs, changing the rules of what’s possible. Wrapped within a sleek black shell this new workstation offers unparalleled processing power. Capable of unlocking the full potential of your software and supporting graphic intensive tools within the new Autodesk Industry Collections.

HP Z4 G4 Image

Delivering relentless power, this future-proof powerhouse, is perfectly designed to support engineering and visualisation design projects. The multi-core count means you can seamlessly slip between 3D CAD, rendering and simulation applications. While you can rest easy safe in the knowledge your data is protected by next generation security features.

The Z4 G4 workstation has truly been developed for the design studio of the future. Helping you accelerate the development cycle, bringing digital designs to life faster than ever before.

Discover more about how these workstations can get your products to market faster. Get in touch now through the request more information button below.

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