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Repositioning a Door in a Stacked Wall in Revit

Walls in buildings, especially external walls, are often composed of multiple wall types and materials, with different widths stacked on top of each other. These are known as stacked walls in Revit. For example,if we place a door into a stacked wall, with different width block and brick stacks, the door will position itself as in the image below, using the thicker blockwork stack as the primary host. We now have an exposed frame and an architrave that is not touching the upper thinner brick wall.

revit reposition door 1

To place this door correctly we need to re-select the door and use the Pick Primary Host option from the Ribbon.

revit reposition door 2

revit reposition door 3

We then select the thinner brick wall and the door will re-host in this upper section of the stacked wall.

revit reposition door

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