Re-use and Recycle with Revit Transfer Project Standards

Like with most other things, the less repetitive work you have to do in Revit, the better things seem. Whilst working on a project you will undoubtedly create or amend system families, set up view templates and other items which reside in your project, family or template file. Revit has a useful built in feature called ‘Transfer Project Standards’ which allows you to transfer settings, system families and much more from one file to another. Here we will look at this tool.

You will find the command on the manage tab of the ribbon under settings, as below:

revit re use and recycle

The project at present only has very limited pipe content in it, see below:

revit re use and recycle 2

In this example, we will look at transferring all the pipe types from the ‘UK Pipe template’ (supplied with Autodesk Revit) into the current project, this will also bring across the necessary fittings.

Prior to running the command, you must first open the project or family file you wish to copy from, then return to the file you wish to copy the standards into. It is also possible to copy standards from the linked project if required.

revit re use and recycle 3

Once you run the command the following dialog box will appear:

revit re use and recycle 4

The first thing to look at is which file you are about to copy from as it doesn’t always default to the correct one; you can do this with the drop-down menu at the top. If you have projects linked-in, then quite often it will choose one of those and therefore try to copy items which don’t exist or are wrong. Once done you may wish to select ‘Check None’ as every category is ticked, and it will try to copy everything over to your file.

Click here to download a full list of the items you can copy.

revit re use and recycle 5

Here I have selected ‘Pipe Types’.

Once you click OK you may get the following prompts:

In this prompt, you can click OK as it will not alter your current projects settings.

revit re use and recycle 6

Overwrite: This prompt ransfers all new project standards, and overrides duplicate types in your project.

New Only: Transfers all new project standards, and ignores duplicate types.

revit re use and recycle 7

Once the command is complete you will then have the content or settings available in your project, in this case, all of the pipe types.

revit re use and recycle 8

Check out our Graitec Powerpack for Revit web page for even more additional functionality including the excellent ‘Family Manager’, or send us a request for more information now:

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