Resetting File Units for Navisworks Models

When we open or append Navisworks models each model file will have its own default scale unit associated with it, and Navisworks understands the concept of whichever scale unit the scene is presented in.

This is useful when measuring items and setting tolerances for clash detection. There is a single scene unit that is set from the global options editor and it is used throughout as appropriate.

As the default unit is set for each file format, each file is scaled appropriately according to the scene's units. They can, however, be reset if they are incorrect for the scene. This is set using Units and Transform.

navisworks file units 1

The first time we might realise that the units are not correct would be when we measure an Item in the model; for example, if I measure a door you can see that it appears to have a measurement of 0.001m, so my Global Display units are set to meters but the door in my file must be set to millimetres.

navisworks file units 2

Right clicking on the file in the Selection Tree gives us a menu, where one of the options is Units and Transform. We can see the Model Units are set to Millimetres, and from the dropdown we can change it to Meters. We might need to repeat this process for all the files appended.

navisworks file units 3

The model will no longer be visible in the scene view as it has effectively been scaled by 1000, so we could re-select the door from the Selection Tree and right click and Focus on Item. Re-measuring the door now shows it as 0.997m, and if we were to reset the decimal places to 2 it would then show as 1.00m.

navisworks file units 4

For loads of extra Navisworks capabilities, take a look at the brilliant iConstruct add-in. For more info on Navisworks, send us a message now:

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