A Guide To Revit Section Line Alignment And Snapping

One of the many new features in Autodesk Revit 2019.1 is an enhancement to the ‘Section Line’ tool, as we can now Align and Snap to and from Section Lines.

This means that whilst using the Align tool, the Section Line can be used as the first or second reference to align to or from.

Revit Section Line 1

The image above demonstrates the new capability.

On the left, the Section Line was aligned to the TV (first selection was the TV, second selection was the Section Line), while on the right, the TV was aligned to the Section Line, with the first selection being the Section Line, and the second selection being the TV.

Revit Section Line 2

In addition to using the Align tool in conjunction with the Section Line we can also use Snaps; take a look at the image above and notice how the TV is about to be moved to the midpoint of the Section Line via the Midpoint object snap.

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