Adris 60 Second Product Update – Revit 2014

Revit software's functionality continues to be improved and Revit 2014 has some nice features and enhancements to look forward to including:

revit-2014•    Displaced Views
•    Dockable Windows Framework & Enhancements
•    Material UI overhaul
•    Non rectangular crop regions
•    Room calculation Point
•    Schedules
•    Selection enhancements
•    Split Elevations
•    Temporary View Templates
•    View navigation performance
•    Multi Selection - bring to front & send to back
•    Stairs & Railings
•    Double click to edit
•    Point Clouds

Our particular favourite – Displaced views, which in a nutshell allow you to create an exploded view from the model in a particular view! This works only in 3d views and perspective views. If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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