Enhance your Rendering with Enscape for Revit

Enscape has to be one of the coolest add-ins for Revit, as it makes real time rendering as easy as 1, 2, 3!

BREAKING! - Version 2.0 of Enscape for Revit has been unveiled today; for all the info you need follow the link to my blog on the latest enhancements! In the meantime, this blog is still a handy overview of the main features of the software, so do read on.

First things first, download and install a trial of Enscape. Once that is done, follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1. Start Revit

Step 2. Click on the Start button on the Enscape Tab

Step 3. Go for a walk in your project

revit enscape 2

This add-in stands out for its ease of use, with changes made to the model in Revit instantly reflected. Also, the Enscape window can be placed on a second screen by extending the desktop in Windows.

It is also easy to evaluate your model under different conditions. Pressing the right mouse button and dragging left or right will change the time of day, whilst pressing the space bar will turn gravity and collision on and off. To attain more alterations, the Enscape settings let you switch between different display modes, adjust camera settings and alter the atmospheric conditions.

revit enscape 3

Ever needed to understand the natural and artificial lighting in your model? No problem, just switch to Light View and Enscape will allow you to navigate around your model and see the lighting levels change as you move from day to night (yup, lights come on when the sun goes down).

revit enscape 4

Creating a walkthrough animation is simple - just click on your start location, navigate through your model and then click on the end location. Enscape will then export your walkthrough.

You can also create panoramic files or enable full VR for either Occulus or HTC Vive at the click of a button.

And there we have it....oh wait....hang on...nope not quite.

What about sound? Yup, this nifty add-in also allows you to place sound sources (any .WAV file) on surfaces or workplanes. This is great for hearing how your design behaves acoustically.

For more on Enscape  click on the button below to request more information: 

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